An Instrumental Trio of Rock'n Modern Jazz

An Instrumental Trio of Rock'n Modern Jazz

Just Take Some Betz and Add a Little Laurenzo


Enzo and I are so stoked to share with you what we both love so much: music. And we couldn't be more excited to finally coordinate our actions and bring you the delicious fruits of our labor: our very own nutritious beats and fresh-squeezed melodies. 

Over Summer 2015, Enzo and I started playing again. We tightened songs that we have always played and learned some new material that I wrote while in grad school. We also schemed how to record and share our music, find more opportunities to perform live, and build a Betzenzo community of family, friends, and fans. 

We are on multiple social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Soundcloud. Even better, we now have our own home-base here at Please follow Betzenzo on all of these platforms and stay up-to-speed on upcoming live performances, music releases, and other cool news.

We also are excited to announce the release of our first recorded single The American Dream. I wrote it a few years ago and we have both polished it since. Enzo and I are super happy with how it came out of the oven. Special thanks go out to Clayton Gregory for mixing the new track. Please listen, listen, listen, then share, share, share! It's pretty scrumptious.

And no need to worry, Betzenzo will be releasing more singles before the end of the year. That way you can stream Betzenzo in the car, shower, laundromat, carwash, grocery store, kitchen, morning run, evening get the idea. 

Anyways, enough typing for now. I think we left you with enough to do, so talk again soon!

- Betz