An Instrumental Trio of Rock'n Modern Jazz

An Instrumental Trio of Rock'n Modern Jazz

Entering 2017 with a BANG

Happy New Year!

First things first:

Betz - who has a severe tree nut allergy - did NOT die over the holidays. While the fruit cake and pecan pie was tempting, he managed to steer clear of any decadent death. 

Enzo - who has a severe caseload of unfinished home improvement projects - DID manage to build more of his backyard "garage," which will really be his music studio. Soon, and very soon, Betzenzo will have lots of recordings and videos to share in the new space.

Finally, Pete - who has a severe case of eating camera lenses (see our Instagram account) - did NOT manage to choke on home holiday videos, nor ruin any camera phones by adding gravy or cranberry sauce to make the glass and metal more delectable. 

Second, Betzenzo has a double cool thing to share: we'll be featured on TV for Mississippi Public Broadcasting's "Amped and Wired" music program, and it will be filmed as part of our gig at the Jackson Indie Music Week Festival! Check out our "Shows" tab for more info. We'll keep y'all posted on when the show airs. 

Be sure to also keep tabs on our upcoming shows as we know we'll be booking more across Mississippi and beyond. 2017, Betzenzo, bang!